2nd Research Award (2010)

January 2011


A pannel of experts has been created to evaluate the best original articles published by JSHR Journal during the year 2010. The winners will be awarded the 2nd JSHR Research Award. Every member is allowed to give a maximum of 5 votes, with a punctuation from 1 to 5.


The pannel is made up of the following members:


Dr. Amador J. Lara (Chair)

Dra. Marta García Tascón (Associated Editor)

Dr. Juan José Salinero (Associated Editor)

Dra. Gema Torres-Luque (Member of the Scientific Board)


The following results were obtained after the pannel’s vote:


11 points:

Ashoke, B.; Skikha, D.; Sidarsan, B. (2010). Reaction time with respect to the nature of stimulus and age of male subjects. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(1):35-40.

7 points:

Garrido, M.E.; González, G.; Romero, S. (2010). The behavior of parents in Municipals Sports Schools of Sevilla. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 2(3): 261:276.


6 points:

BSkopek, M.; Hnizdil, J. (2010). Taurine and its effects on endurance and visual reaction velocity. Journal of Sport and Health Research, 2(3): 233-240.

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