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The successful educational leadership of the management is currently the second most influential factor in the improvement of the academic results of the students. In order to find alternative ways of training successful educational leadership of educational managers, the aim is to verify the influence that has, in the educational leadership that is exercised, the occupation of the position of captain in a team or not and self-perception of the influence that the practice of physical activity and sport (PAS) has had throughout life in its own leadership. For this purpose, a cross-sectional study was designed with a representative sample (n=290) of Andalusian managers contemplating directors and heads of studies. The successful educational leadership measures (LiEdEx) as well as the PAS measures were obtained through an ad-hoc questionnaire: "C-LiEdEx-AFD". As main results, on the one hand, it is highlighted that 70.7% of managers who have been captain at some point in their life, consider that the practice of AFD has influenced them much and much in the LiEdEx they exercise, and On the other, there are statistically significant differences (p <.05) between the variables of self-perception of influence of the PAS in its leadership and the LiEdEx itself, and between the occupation of the captain's position and the developed LiEdEx, with the directors being they have been captain at some point in their lives, as well as the managers who consider that the PAS has influenced them a lot in their leadership, those who obtain better indexes of LiEdEx.



physical activity, sport, educational leadership, successful, captaincy


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009