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Effects of modified games on physical condition and anthropometric parameters in non-athletic students




Objective: Determine the effects of the high intensity game on anthropometric parameters and the physical condition in a sample of rural schoolchildren in Araucanía, Chile.

Material and method: Quasi-experimental study without a control group, in female students and adolescent men (n = 20), with 5 weeks of exercise, 3 times a week, 30 minutes of high-intensity games with an interválic exercise character. Strength tests (abdominal, flex-ext arm, long jump), aerobic capacity (VO2max), and anthropometry (weight, BMI, WC, CC, ICC) in pre and post test were evaluated.

Results: The post test established that the results of the anthropometry tests were not significant. Weight (0.356); BMI (0.790); C. Waist (0.151); C. Hip (0.058); ICC (1.000), unlike the strength and aerobic capacity physical condition tests where longitudinal jump force (0.000); Abdominal strength (0.014); VO2max (0.000), resting FC (0.000); Flexo-ext. Arms (0.004); analyzed with significance value (P <0.05).

Conclusion: 5 weeks of high intensity games improve predictors of cardiometabolic risk such as aerobic capacity and muscle strength in adolescents, benefiting their health and physical condition



Schoolchildren, Physical Condition, Anthropometry, Cardiometabolic Risk



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