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The practice of physical activity has been linked to many aspects of life, but undoubtedly with substance abuse where it has a special interest. This descriptive study and cross-sectional, conducted on a sample of 526 undergraduate students of Secondary Education with an age between 12 and 15 years (M = 13.13, SD = 9576), aims to describe the frequency of consumption of tobacco, alcohol and physical activity in a sample of Spanish adolescents and specifying patterns and motives of consumption of these and study the association of performing physical activity with hazardous substances (tobacco, alcohol, problems and use of video games), sex and reasons for performing, using a questionnaire self-registration, the AUDIT and FTND on alcohol and tobacco. The results showed that adolescents in secondary education in the province of Granada are in the non-smoking majority and half of them consume alcohol; no association between intake of tobacco and alcohol with the practice of physical activity and the proposed model predicts that being a woman is associated with lack of physical activity and the risk of getting drunk was found.




Alcohol, Tobacco, Physical Activity, Adolescence.

Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009