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Madruga-Vicente, M.; Del Pozo Cruz, B.; Olivares Sánchez-Toledo, P.R.; Domínguez Muñoz, J.M.; Prieto Prieto, J.; Adsuar Sala, J.C. (2014). Fiabilidad test-retest de dos pruebas de movilidad en cuidadoras informales. Journal of Sport and Health Research.  6(2):129-138.



Objetives; the aim of this study was to evaluate the reliability of the Timed Up & Go Test (TUG) and Functional Reach Test (FRT) in informal care by test-retest over a period of 12 weeks. 17 informal caregivers of patients with dementia were involved. 

Methods; relative reliability was assessed by calculating the Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC3,1) with 95% CI. The absolute reliability by the Standard Error of Measurement (SEM) and the Minimum Real Change (SRD) 

Results; the ICC was 0.93 for the TUG and 0.88 for the FRT. The SEM was 1.07 s for the TUG and 2.30 cm for the FRT. The SRD was 2.96 s for the TUG and 6.37 cm for the FRT. 

Discussion; this is the first study evaluates reliability of two tests that assess some of the factors about functional capacity (balance and mobility) in caregiver of patients with dementia. Both test showed similar rates in SRD and ICC to previous studies with different populations. 

Conclusions; Functional Reach Test and the Time Up & Go Test are reliable for assessing the level of mobility in informal care and may be useful in determining the effectiveness of interventions to improve levels of mobility.  




Reliability; Evaluation; Functional Capacity; Informal Caregivers; Dementia, Primary health care. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009