Sánchez-Sánchez, J.; Pérez, S.; Petisco, C. (2014). Modificación del tejido adiposo y el somatotipo en futbolistas amateurs y adolescentes durante el período precompetitivo. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(2):139-150.




The study aims to understand the changes caused by a pre-season training period in adipose tissue and the somatotype in football players. The sample is composed of 83 players, participating in the "First Spanish Youth Division" category (17,7±0, 6 years old, 173, 5±1,9 cm and 65,4±1,3 kg) and "Spanish 3ª Division" (20,23±1, 6 years old, 177,6±1,1 cm and 71,4±8,2 kg). Anthropometric data were developed following the "International Society for the Advance of the Kinantropometria" (ISAK). For the analysis of data, specific positions were taken into account. The results show statistically significant variations (p≤ 0,05) in the adipose tissue during the pre-season from under’19 forwards, and defenders and midfielders under’23 teams. It is observed, according to the somatotype, a charasteristic profile which does not change during the pre-season training-period. 


Discussion/Conclusions. Interventions aimed at increasing PA for children should consider gender as boys are more active than girls but more boys fail to meet the steps per day recommendations for health. Also reducing television viewing time and increasing time spent outdoors should be considered. 





Football; pre-season; body fat; somatotype. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009