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Mediavilla Saldaña, L; Gómez Encinas, V.; Sánchez Burón, A. y Villota Valverde, S. (2014). Perfil identificativo de las empresas de turismo de aventura en España, Italia y Costa Rica. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(2):177-190.



What is an adventure tourism company? It is important to know the answer to this question to be able to recognize the professional, educational, administrative, economic and social sector, to which it belongs. 

The goalis to identifya profilethat showsthe activities of the companies, how do they operate, withwhom they do,whattimingsuffers, what is the economic sizeoffirms ofactive and adventuretourism. All thisthrough afield survey andstructured analysisusinga validated questionnaire(HEVATM) to obtain sufficient datatorecognizethat the profile ofthese companies ismore touristy thansportyand likewisediscover that theirbusinesswill be based onmanage thoseactivitiesina natural environment. 


Discussion/Conclusions. Interventions aimed at increasing PA for children should consider gender as boys are more active than girls but more boys fail to meet the steps per day recommendations for health. Also reducing television viewing time and increasing time spent outdoors should be considered. 



 Business profile; adventure tourism; nature tourism; Costa Rica; Spain; Italy. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009