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San Román-Quintana, J.; Casamichana, D.; Castellano, J.; Calleja-González, J. (2014). Comparing physical and physiological profile between small sided games and competition matches in soccer. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(1):19-28.




The principal aim of this work is to compare the physical and physiological demands of the small games with regard to the competition matches, analyzing if during the above mentioned situations of training the requirements of the competition are reproduced. Nowadays, the small games are situations used in the training process in soccer. It utilization is based on the principle of specificity which exposes that greater improvements are obtained when the training simulates the specific demands of the competition. For an ideal performance on team sports, as soccer, players need to optimize their technical, tactical, physical and psychological capacities. In this way, it has been suggested that the small games can improve the above mentioned skills of simultaneous and specific form. Nevertheless, although these situations of training replicated the majority of the demands of the competition and that they can be a content adapted for the development of some of the principles of the concepts of the model of game, they might provide a deficient stimulation of the activity to high intensity, requiring coaches and trainers to complementing this training with another type of contents or carefully configure these tasks with the intention to provide the player an ideal stimuli of training. 





Team sports, training, matches, physical demands, physiological demands. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009