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Caballero-Blanco, P.; Delgado-Noguera, M.A. (2014). Design of a positive development program through outdoor activities. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(1):29-46.



Outdoor activities is a privileged context to positive youth development, and specifically, to the personal and social responsibility. 

In the last two decades, the positive development has emerged as a new interdisciplinary perspective that is serving as a guide for developing intervention programs aimed at personal and social development through sport and physical activity in adolescents. 

Among these programs, the model of personal and social responsibility of Hellison (2003, 2011), it the program that we used as the base to design the program of intervention present in this paper, complemented with a methodology called “pedagogy of adventure” (Parra, 2001; Parra, Caballero and Domínguez, 2009), which allow special educational treatment of the outdoor activities. 


The program of intervention designed, has several components: finality, levels of responsibility, methodological themes, general methodological strategies, specific methodological strategies, lesson plan and strategies for specific problems. 





Personal development, social development, personal and social responsibility, outdoor activities, experiential learning, adventure pedagogy. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009