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Zurita-Ortega, F; Fernández-García, R; Cachón-Zagalaz, J; Ambris-Sandoval, J; Zaleta-Morales, L.; Hernández-Gallardo, D. (2014). Satisfaction and self-esteem in youth football players regarding teaching styles they receive of coaches from ciudad del Carmen (México). Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(1):63-74.




The relationship between education and training styles promoted by football coaches and the satisfaction variables (satisfaction and self-esteem) have been studied and analyzed from different perspectives, giving conflicting results due to methodological problems such as the non-use or non-homogeneous samples use specific tools for each sport. The aim of our study was to evaluate in a sample of 26 coaches and 277 soccer players in the Ciudad del Carmen (Mexico), more teaching styles used by football coaches, levels of satisfaction and self-esteem in three players Grassroots categories (children, cadet and youth) and the relationship between them. In addition to responding to the questionnaire of implicit theories also used the test of life satisfaction and self-esteem. Statistical analysis determined that teaching styles used are more interpretive and traditional type. The players tested showed high satisfaction with football and low self-esteem. Also found that teaching styles are distributed heterogeneously by category and further that the active teaching style generates little satisfaction in the players also found no relationship between type styles and self-esteem. 




Football, Teaching Styles, Satisfaction, Self-Esteem, Coach, Player, Category.  


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009