Ruiz-Rico, G.; Cachón, J.; Valdivia, P.A.; Zagalaz, M.L. (2014). Dopaje vs Fair Play. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 6(1):107-116.



Introduction: Doping is the opposite the sportsmanship essence. This fact is so important that every sport and educative heads or political and health heads must to try to avoid it happen. Protecting teen health is their goal. 

Methods: Bibliographic review of the possible positive effects that the Physical Education which can take place in young people when they reject doping and in second place, a recap of the current legislation and the different institution which are responsible for controlling doping. 

Results & Discussion: Firstly, it can be stared the different researches which prove the Physical Education capacity to influence positively young people when they make several moral decisions. Secondly, it can be appreciated the existence of obligation of government in legal systems to fight against doping at classrooms. 


Conclusion: Doping must be eradicated due to an educative system where teachers of P.E. task in this field. 




Doping. Physical Education (P.E.). Sportmanship. 


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009