Vaquero-Cristóbal, R.; Isorna, M.; Ruiz, C. (2013). State of tobacco consumption and its relationship to physical sports practice in Spain. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 5(2):131-148.




The dependence of tobacco has been defined as the great silent epidemic of XX and XXI century. It currently affects a huge portion of the population and it is the second main cause of death worldwide. Furthermore it shows an increasing trend. Therefore, the use of tobacco is a global public health problem despite the substantial progress that is being made against this deadly product in all parts of the world. This is especially worrisome because the population starts younger in the consumption of tobacco. On the other hand, studies on healthy lifestyles have shown that the various behaviors that are part of it is related to each other, it was found that the physical and sport practice is related to the absence of consumption of tobacco. For all this, the objective of this review was to examine the current state of research in relation to consumption of tobacco, the influence of consumption on health and the relationship between smoking and physical activity as well as the possible use of sport and intervene to prevent smoking. This it was conducted a biographical search in Medline, Isi Web of Knowlegde and Dialnet, as well as a manual search among the references of selected studies and in different libraries. The main findings were that habitual consumption of tobacco comes from an early age. In fact, adolescence is commonly regarded as a period of increased vulnerability to abuse of tobacco. This is especially worrying if it is taken into account the numerous negative effects that tobacco has on health. For this in recent years there have been carried out several campaigns to prevent and intervene in this habit. Among the most used programs include those which include exercise regularly. It has been shown that among active subjects a higher percentage of non- smokers than among sedentary, to which there are the health benefits that have physical and sports practice. However, the percentage of active people declines significantly with age, so further research is needed on prevention and intervention programs to ensure that these are as effective as possible. 



life style, physical activity, tobacco, health promotion, prevention.    


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009