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Chulvi-Medrano, I; Masiá-Tortosa, L. (2012). La flexibilidad. Criterios básicos para su entrenamiento saludable aplicando la metodología pasivo-estática. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 4(1):11-22.



Flexibility is a component of fitness has a direct influence on health and wellness. The dose-response relationship of this capacity has been poorly studied as compared with strength training and cardiovascular. Thus, the objectives of this review has been I) collect the information needed to argue for the inclusion of flexibility programs in healthy training programs, II) establish general recommendations for healthy workout flexibility training. To this end, we have conducted a search in the MedLine database and SportsDiscus. We retrieved articles that were reference to flexibility training using the static method for healthy training. Of the articles selected found can highlight the importance of training more frequently than 2 days a week, with a moderate light intensity for 10-30 seconds. 10-12 exercises will be selected so as to cover the entire body. This methodology will improve / maintain the levels of flexibility and allow you to enjoy its benefits on the health of the practitioner.


flexibility, range of motion, doseresponse.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009