Gavala González, J. (2010). Practical reasons of physical activity of the people of Sevilla. Journal of
Sport and Health Research. 3(3):169-178.




In the current article it is developed a research about the reasons that lead the inhabitants of Seville (from 5 to 74
years old) to develop the practice of sport activities. For this purpose, we have carried out a dual-staged stratified sample and with quotas by genre and age groups. After the use of different statistic techniques, we reach the conclusion that the population should be of 1.203 samples, which would guaranty an error margin of +3 % with a reliability of 95%. The method to gather the data consisted in a personal interview. And the most relevant results are solid with other researches, being the main aim for developing those activities recreation/leisure time or improving the physical condition as well as health. Another interesting data is that Sevillian women, as other  women from different cities that have been studied, use to practice in a higher proportion to improve their personal image or increase their social relationships. On the other hand, men usually do those activities only for the pleasure of them, competition, entertainment or status. These findings are consistent with the literature


Practice reasons, behavior in practice, spare time.



Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009