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Molina, J.; Sa Pinto, M.A; Leite, P.M. (2011). Educational differentiation in the area of Physical
Education: students with cerebral palsy integrated. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):179-




Through this study, we analyzed the perception of physical education teachers in the use of pedagogical
diversification as a substantial element in improvin the quality of the teaching process, especially asregards the inclusion of students with cerebral palsy.  This is a study conducted in 2009/10 and made in Portugal, with 89 teachers of Physical Education belonging to the city of Braga. The methodology used was qualitative, with the design of an semistructured interview and the generation of some categories of analysis (diversity, specificity, sequencing and deletion-substitution of contents). We used the Nvivo 8 program for the analysis of the information presented, highlighting several conclusions that reflect the demand of teachers to diversify the content (giving specific tasks to these students), to establish an ordered sequence to executate task, reduce the number of content and also present the content progressively.


Cerebral palsy; inclusion; pedagogical diversification; teacher perception.



Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009