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Calahorro Cañada, F.; Torres-Luque, G.; Lara Sánchez, A.J.; Zagalaz Sánchez, M.L. (2011). Parameters related to the competition´s physical training. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(2):113-128.




Soccer is one of the most popular sports nowadays. Soccer players need to cluster/develop several caracteristics, such as physical, physiological, psychological , etc.Physical training covers an essential role in this sport, where th competitive season is very long, and which the playe demand a good base to have an optimum development throughout the whole season. Thus, the methods and means of training improve everyday, and help provididing information more effective to coaches and trainers.
The aim of this paper, is to make an analysis of the football competition, the "repeated sprint ability " (RSA), strength and flexibility, thus providing guidelines and recommendations for the physical preparation of the soccer player.
It is concluded that physical demands of soccer competition develop with age and level of subjects, depending on the training method.


Physical training, sports performance, training, physiological profile, temporal structure.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009