Kamtsios S. (2011). Differences in attitudes towards exercise, perceived athletic ability, perceived physical attractiveness and participation in physical activity in children and adolescents aged 10 to 18 years old. Journal of Sport and Health Research.  3(2):129-149.




The purpose of the study was to examine differences among Greek elementary, high school and senior school students as to: 1. attitudes and intentions towards exercise, 2. perceived effort and enjoyment, 3. self-perceptions and 4. Physical activity levels. Furthermore, the purpose was to identifying the age at which the above psychological variables (which are deciding factors for children’s physical activity participation) tend to decline. In this study 573 boys and 630 girls participated, aged 11-18 years. The study was conducted through questionnaires and all scales had acceptable levels of internal consistency (.67<<.95). The results revealed that elementary school children had more positive attitudes and intentions towards exercise and higher scores in perceived athletic competence and perceived body attractiveness compared with high and senior school students. Also, they participate more in moderate and vigorous physical activity. Moreover, as students move from the elementary school to the junior high school they develop less positive perception about their body and they participate less in physical activity and exercise. The results of the study imply the need to strengthen students’ attitudes and intentions towards exercise, to develop students’ belief in their own ability and to encourage their participation in physical activity, providing success opportunities.


Physical activity, physical self-perception profile, children and adolescents.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009