The Journal of Sport and Healt Research (JSHR) is an associated journal to D.A.A. association, a professional health journal, sport and education.

  • Vol 3 N3 (September-December 2011)

    VOLUME 3 (Number 3)             

    September - December 2011         


    165 Zagalaz, M.L. (2011). Thinking about how it changed the concept of physical activity. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):165-168.

    Original Articles

    169  Gavala González, J. (2010). Practical reasons of physical activity of the people of Sevilla. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):169-178.
    179 Molina, J.; Sa Pinto, M.A; Leite, P.M. (2011). Educational differentiation in the area of Physical Education: students with cerebral palsy integrated. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):179-190.
    191 Suarez-Moreno Arrones, L.J.; Nuñez, F.J. (2011). Phycological and antropometric characteristics of elite rugby players in Spain and relative power out as predictor of performance in sprint and RSA. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):191-202.
    203 Fernández-Luna, A.; Birillo, P.; Felipe, J.L.; Plaza, M.; Sánchez-Sánchez, J.; Gallardo, L. (2011). Health problems perception in chlorinated indoor swimming pools. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):203-210.

    Review Articles

    211 Granero-Gallegos, A.; Baena-Extremera, A. (2011). The sport systems a reflection the social enviroment. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):211-228.
    229 Baiget, E. (2011). Strength training for improving hitting speed in tennis. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(3):229-244.
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  • Vol 3 N2 (May-August 2011)

    VOLUME 3 (Number 2)             

    May - August 2011         


    96   Lara, A.J. (2011). Art and Sport. J Sport Health Res, 3(2):97-100.

    Review Articles

    101  Rueda, E.; Cantos, M.J.; Valdivia, P.A.; Martínez-Fuentes, J. (2011). Effectiveness of Health Education in Low Back Pain in Adults. J Sport Health Res, 3(2):101-112.

    Original Articles

    113  Calahorro Cañada, F.; Torres-Luque, G.; Lara Sánchez, A.J.; Zagalaz Sánchez, M.L. (2011). Parameters related to the competition´s physical training. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(2):113-128.
    129  Kamtsios, S. (2011). Differences in attitudes towards exerciseperceived athletic ability, perceived physical attractiveness and participation in physical activity in children and adolescent aged 10 to 18 years old. J Sport Health Res, 3(2):129-142.
    143 Rivilla-García, J.; Grande, I.; Chirosa, L.J; Gómez, M.J.; Sampedro, J. (2010) (2011). Diferrences and relationship between standard and specific thowing test in handball according to the competitive and professional level. J Sport Health Res, 3(2):143-152
    153  Garrido, M.E.; Romero, S.; Ortega, E.; Zagalar, M.L. (2010). Designing a questionnarie on parent for children in sport. J Sport Health Res, 3(2):153-164


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  • Vol 3 N1 (January-April 2011)

    VOLUME 3 (Number 1)             

    January - April 2011         


    5   Lara, A.J. (2011). Transmission of social and educational values through sport. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):5-6.

    Review Articles

    7  Tejero, C.M.; Balsalobre, C.; Higueras, E. (2011). Active Digital Entertainment (ADE). Social reality, tretas and opportunities of virtual physical activity. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):7-16.

    Original Articles

    17  Merino, R.; Mayorga, D.; Fernández, E.; García, R. (2011). The effect of sole self-massage on the extensibility of the back muscle chain in triathletes. A pilos study. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 3(1):17-26.
    27  Clemente, V.J. (2011). Fatigue of nervous system through Flicker Fusion thresholds after a maximum incremental cycling test. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):27-34.
    35  Lesma, M.L.; Pérez-González, B.; Salinero, J.J.  (2011). Relative age effect (RAE) in spanish football league. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):35-46.
    47  Zurita, F. (2011). The importance of flexor capacity and ligament hiperlaxity in the detection of school athletes. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):47-58.
    59 Garrido M. E.; Romero, S.; Ortega, E.; Zagalaz, M.L. (2011). Designing a cuestionnaire of parents for children in sport. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):59-70
    71  Torres-Luque, G.; Sanchez-Pay A.; Moya, M. (2011). Competitive analysis of requeriment for young tennis players. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):71-78

    Invited Papers

     79  Pérez, E. (2011). The importance of diagnosis and institutional evaluations to the quality of the educational system in Mexico. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):79-90
     91  Gonzalez, G. (2011). Psychology and tactical aspects to consider in the development of sport football match institutional relevance. J Sport Health Res, 3(1):91-96


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