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Arias, J.L.; Navarro, M.A. (2010). Review about physical exercise and asthma in children. Implications to physical education teacher. J Sport Health Res, 2(3):201-218.




Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory tract. The asthma produces bronchospasm that make difficult the breathing. Asthma can be: a) induced by physical exercise and b) not induced by the physical exercise. The aim of this manuscript was to show the results of a review on the physical exercise and asthma in children. The manuscript show specific information about: a) the importance of the early detection and the role that can develop the Physical Education teacher, b) the three kinds of treatment (pharmacological, improvement of the physical training conditions and education in the disease) and c) action after an asthma attack. Physical Education teacher could be trained in the task of early detection of the exerciseinduced asthma. Physical exercise is especially important in asthmatic children. The level of physical training conditions allows a greater tolerance to the exercise. The aquatic disciplines into conditioned swimming pools are activities very adapted. To develop optimally the proposals of future realised in this manuscript, it is necessary the development of works in which health and physical activity and sport professionals collaborated.


Asthma, child, physical exercise, exercise-induced asthma.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009