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García-Hermoso, A.; Domínguez, A.M.; Saavedra, J.M.; Escalante, Y. (2010). Improving quality of life through physical exercise programs for patients with lower limb osteoarthritis. J Sport Health Res, 2(3):219-232.




Osteoarthritis (OA) is a degenerative joint disease. Physical exercise has today become an extensively used alternative non-pharmacological treatment. The purpose of this review is to describe the "state of the art" of the effects of exercise programs on the quality of life of lower limb OA patients. A search of various databases of terms “osteoarthritis”, “knee”, “hip”, “exercise”, “health-related quality of life” and “SF-36”. The criterion inclusion was: a) subject: adults with OA; b) type of study: experimental; c) type of intervention: physical exercise; d) duration of physical exercise: more 4 weeks and e) evaluation quality of life: questionnaire SF-36. We found ten studies that evaluated experimentally the influence of different physical exercise programs on healthrelated quality of life. In general, the conclusions to be drawn from this overview are: (i) programs that combine strength and aerobic work achieved improvements in some dimensions of health-related quality of life in subjects with lower limb OA; (ii) aquatic and land-based (Tai Chi Chuan and strength) work yielded quality of life improvements, especially in programs in which strength was worked on isotonically; (iii) strength and aerobic programs obtained improvements in four dimensions of the physical (20%) and mental component (10%), while these improvements was more discreet in Tai Chi; (iv) quality of life improvements resulted from short-term programs (8-12 weeks), but the changes were more discrete in long-term programs (48-72 weeks).


Osteoarthritis, strength training, aerobic exercise, tai chi chuan, hydrotherapy, quality of life.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009