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Skopek, M.; Hnizdil, J. (2009). Taurine and its effect on endurance and visual reaction velocity. J Sport Health Res, 2(3):233-240.




This study examines the effects of a dietary supplement – Taurine during physical exercise. We have been trying to detect if this product's positive effects on human body mainly in the light of reaction velocity and stamina are as stated by the preparation producers. Upon the application, we measured participants' visual reaction velocity and thereafter the effects on their endurance abilities. We chose the modification of Conconi test for the evaluation. During the whole test we recorded participants' heart rate (HR), maximum heart rate (HRmax), maximal lung ventilation (VE), VO2 max, breathing frequency (BF) and maximal speed of a running machine. We statistically analysed the effects of taurine on human body from the outcomes. Most observed values do not show distinctive variations. The study reflects the fact that the dietary supplement Taurine does not influence either physical performance or reaction velocity as it is granted by producers.


Taurine, reaction test, endurance abilities, Conconi test, double blind test


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009