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Gallo, C.; González, C.; Salinero J.J. (2010). Comparison of the motivations, perceptions and futures expectations between physical activity and sport´s science students of Camilo José Cela (Spain) and Hertfordshire Universit(Engalnd). J Sport Health Res, 2(3):253-260.




The main aim of this research is to carry out a comparison between two different Universities, Camilo José Cela, UCJC, of Madrid (Spain) and Hertfordshire University, UH, of Hatfield (England). The comparison is related to three different issues: Motivations that stimulate students to decide studying Sport Sciences and Studies; Perceptions and full covered expectations about the degree and the Studies Plans; and future expectations and pathways into employment once they have finished. The sample consists of 20 students, 10 from each University -5 male and 5 femalewho are studying on their last year of a Sport Studies’ course in UH –Level 3- and last year of Physical Activity and Sport’s Science in Spain –Level 4-. A questionnaire made by 17 closed questions is used to carry it out, layed out in 4 different areas: 1.Student profiles, 2. Student Motivations, 3. Perceptions about the Study Plans and Degree structure, and 4. Future expectations and pathways into employment. It can be concluded that the older age average of UCJC’s students, as well as these ones are working many more hours per week in a related degree activities while they are studying. Both UH and UCJC students have the same motivations about decide studying this degree. There is a higher UCJC students satisfaction about the degree, noticing a lack of experience in some degree areas due to the his youthness. Likewise, there´s a mutual trend in both Universities to keep on studying once finished the degree, where Teaching and Managment are the most intended pathways into employment.


Sport Studies, Sport, University students, motivations, future employment, Bolonga Proccess.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009