Gil, J.L, Felipe, J.L, Burillo, P., García-Tascón, M., Gallardo, L. (2010). Detection of needs in sport installation in High Scholl: Case of province of Ávila (Spain). J Sport Health Res, 2(3):287-304.




The sports facilities are particularly important in high schools. Any policy implemented for sport planning must be focused and take into account the needs for physical education. This is recognized in the Royal Decree 132/2010. Sports areas are the adequate place where the students must acquired the habits of physical activity in sports, and in the meantime, also enhancing socio-affective relations, however, the teacher of this educational area finds multiple gaps and deficiencies in these facilities.
This research has been conducted in public high schools in the province of Avila (Spain) that examines the comments and views obtained in interviews carried out for teachers of physical education at this level. Therefore, we also request teachers how should be and what features should have the sports facilities where they perform their daily teaching.
For teachers, the main problems in the indoor sports facilities are the lighting, sound, temperature and ventilation. As for outdoor sports areas, it is necessary that the minimum dimensions are greater than the minimum established by educational laws. These drawbacks could be solved with obligatory rules for all high and primary schools.


Sport facilities, Physical Education, Teacher, High Schools, Needs.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009