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Merino, R.; Mayorga, D.; Fernández, E.; Torres-Luque, G. (2010). Effect of Kinesio taping on hip and lower trunk range of motion in triathletes. A pilot study. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(2):109-118.



Kinesiotaping (KT) technique appeared in Japan by quiropractor Kenzo Kase, in 1973. Kinesio tape, an alternative taping technique, has been theorized to improve a variety of physiological problems, including the range of motion, based on the functions of the tape (Kase 2001; Kase et al. 1996; Sijmonsma, 2007).
The purpose of our study was to determine the effects of kinesio taping on the degree of the extension of the hamstrings and lower back muscles using the sit and reach test as a form of evaluation.


Kinesio taping, Hamstrings, Lower trunk, Sit and reach, Flexibility.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009