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Armatas, V.; Yiannakos, A. (2010). Analysis and evaluation of goals scored in 2006 World Cup. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(2):119-128.



The aim of the present study was to record goal scoring characteristics of World Cup 2006. All matches of World Cup were analysed through systematic observation, with the aid of Sportscout video-analysis program for PC. The results revealed that more goals achieved in second half (52.5%, p>0.05) and statistical significant difference presented the last 15-minute period of the match (32.8%, p<0.05). More goals achieved with organized offence following set plays and counterattacks. As far as the action prior to goal scoring concerned results presented that long pass, combination play and direct shoot concentrated the higher percentages.

Regarding the zone of scoring attempt, the following percentages were presented: 51.3% penalty area, 32.17% goal area, and 15.52% outside penalty area. Results shoul provide useful information to coaches in order to design effective training based on matches’ characteristics.


Soccer, football, tactic, goal, video-analysis, performance indicators football.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009