Rodrigues dos Santos, J.A.; Viana da Silva, A. (2010). Correlation between strength and kayaking performance in water. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(2):129-138.



Kayaking is a cyclic sport which makes great demands on the upper part of the body and is characterized by multilateral training with special focus on strength development. So, the main purpose of this study was to establish the correlations among maximum-, explosive-, and endurance-strength in bench-press and bench-rowing, and average kayak velocity over two Olympic distances – 500m (V500) and 1000m (V1000). Other variables (age, body weight, height, seatedheight, arms’ span, and years of practice) were also correlated with V500 and V1000.


kayaking; strength; performance; anthropometry.


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009