Zahínos, J.I.; González, C.; Salinero, J. (2010). Epidemiological study of the injuries, the processes of readaptation and  prevention of the injury of anterior cruciate ligamento in the professional football. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(2):139-150.



The following study, It tries to approach the reality of the injuries that take are produced in the elite football and in the processes of recovery that follow in each of them, putting special attention in those injuries of gravity related to the knee, more specifically in the break of the anterior cruciate ligament. In this respect, our research tries to analyze the differences that exist between the teams of the first and second division of the Spanish football, as well as those found among the differen professionals in the readjustment and prevention of injuries in this sport. To obtain our aim, we have applied a questionnaire to different professionals (doctors, physical therapists, trainers and rehab-trainer). The sample is formed by 30 professionals: 12 trainers, 7 doctors, 7 physical therapists and 4 rehab-trainer.

Results show that the most frequent injuries are of muscular and minor or moderate type, being the zone of major affectation the hamstring. Great majority of polled professionals, think that the treatments of recovery are realized in an accelerated way. With regard to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), the principal trigger factor of the injury of this ligament, is the imbalance between the musculature agonist and antagonist; followed by the muscular fatigue. We have not found significant differences in the answers of the study between teams of the first and second division of the Spanish football.

Nevertheless, a great heterogeneity exists in the process of readjustment of the LCA among the different polled professionals.


Soccer, epidemiology injury, prevention, readaptation, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009