The Journal of Sport and Healt Research (JSHR) is an associated journal to D.A.A. association, a professional health journal, sport and education.

Romero Granados, S.; Campos Mesa, M.C. (2010). The higher education graduates of theacher of physical education and their competences. Journal of Sport and Health Research. 2(2):167-182.



In the article that follows asked graduates of Teachers of Physical Education, University of Seville, its assessment of the skills acquired after completing his career and make use of them, embedded in the labor market, and three years after they had completed his studies. The sample which has participated in our study was of 292 subjects, data were collected through aquestionnaire. We made a descriptive, factorial and correlational data analysis.
After the analysis we can conclude that the graduates of Teaching in Physical Education specialists from the University of Seville, value more the acquisition of skills in the race that using them in their present work.


Higher Education Graduates, competentes and Teacher of Physical Education


Journal of Sport and Health Research - 2009