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D.A.A. is a professional health, sport and education association. The International Journal of Medicine Science in Physical Education and Sport is an associated journal to this institution.

The International Journal of Medicine Science in Physical Education and Sport is a multidisciplinary journal that features investigations, studies, and reviews on current topics in sports, physical activity, health and education.

Instructions for authors

Spanish or English is the language of the publication. Papers must be sent by e-mail to: editor@ms-pes.com , with subject: “New Publication Paper” when it’s a new one, or subject: “Corrected Publication Paper” if it’s a corrected Paper with the changes sent previously to be checked by a reviewer.

The standard for publication in this journal is the paper must make a clear contribution substantively, theoretically or methodologically, to the body of knowledge about education and sport.

Papers will have the format defined in the template for Papers. The author should use this template in Word format, inserting the text of its work. The font used would be Arial, size 12 pt. Spacing of 1.5pt., and both the upstream and the downstream spacing shall 6pt.

The upper and lower margins will be 2.5pt and left and right margins 3pt. All Papers should be preceded by the name of the author, institutional affiliation and email contact, plus a brief summary and keywords.

At the end of the Paper must be added the basic bibliography that has been used in conformity with APA, Vancouver and other international standards for scientific periodicals publications.

All references must appear in the body of the article. These would be indicated in brackets, the authors followed by a comma and the year of publication. Depending on whether an author or two, apponited all. If there were more authors, appointed only the first one, followed by the particle "et al." and then the year of publication.

Tables, illustrations, photographs and graphics must be inserted into the text in the appropriate place. All of them must have in the bottom a text that would indicate the number of the table or figure and an explanatory text with it. The interline must be simple and the font size is 10 pt.

Papers will be sent anonymously to two external evaluators, professionals of recognized standing in the areas of health, education or physical activity and sport, to can be evaluated.

The reviewers, without knowing the authors, will send to the Editor a report, positive or negative, about its possible publication in the journal. They also include possible amendments and clarifications they deem appropriate on the job sent, for possible future publication. These clarifications with the report of acceptance, acceptance with minor corrections, with modifications acceptance or rejection, developed by evaluators, will be sent to the authors of the work for their attention.

As additional information, it´s recommended to the authors review Papers that have appeared in past issues in the magazine and which are related to the topic of his work. To try to avoid publishing similar articles and try to make further investigations are initiated in jobs that already exist, the evaluators will consider this item to the positive valuation of each of the Papers sent.

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